About FEBE

Cool. Irreverent. Playful. Bold.

Straight from the streets of Milan, Febe is an Italian brand with an assertive sense of beauty that revolves around a veritable icon of fashion: dungarees. Since their invention at the end of the 1800s, overalls have revolutionized unisex comfort and versatility. Now, through the creative flair of designer Antonio Bandini Conti, the salopette has become more contemporary and edgy than ever.

At Febe, singular sartorial details, exciting signature prints, and meticulously selected materials are at the heart of our creative vision. The catchy collection is characterized by clean cuts and surprising accents. We are on the constant search for creative inspiration: from the worlds of music and art, sifting through quirky vintage shops and endless travels to cosmopolitan and exotic destinations.

Exclusively designed and Made in Italy, each piece is developed and crafted by a talented team of artisans who turn intangible concepts into coveted garments, created especially for women with an unquenchable passion for quality, fashion and design.  

From romping around town to catching a show, happy hour with friends to a sizzling dinner date, dungarees are the spontaneous expression of the best you have to offer.

Trends are seasonal, personality is timeless.