As You Like It

Initially designed as workwear, in the late 19th century, the original dungarees were made from durable fabrics such as denim. In the 1960s, their unisex comfort and practicality made overalls the perfect fit for a generation of fearless trendsetters ready to push the stagnant social boundaries.

Ever since, Salopettes have effortlessly held onto their cult status – casually interpreting the latest fashion fads and continuously evolving, decade by decade. From an urban slouchy wide-leg romper with a bib, to a sassy skirt with shoulder straps, a button-down jumpsuit, or a slinky suit with a plunging neckline, this single garment offers limitless possibilities.  

A favourite of celebrities everywhere, dungarees are now regularly featured in the runway shows of top fashion designers and have long outgrown their original role as functional work attire to span from casual-cool street style to sexy day-to-evening wear.

In tribute to versatility, Febe has created a gorgeous line of designer dungarees with a focus on luxurious fabrics and form-flattering sartorial silhouettes, a tactile delight to the eyes and titillating wardrobe must. Made entirely in Italy, the ultra-contemporary designs can be accessorized and transformed, on a whim, from sophisticated to flirty, boyish to ultra-feminine, bold to conceptual.

Multi-tasking, multifaceted. Like a woman.